Thursday, February 4, 2016

LoopBack for ScrumTime? - Not at this time

Quick Update:

In the previous post, I began documenting my findings on using LoopBack as a possible REST API layer for the ScrumTime 1.0 release.  The question:

Should I use LoopBack for the ScrumTime 1.0 release?

The answer is no.  I have decided to go with the original plan of using .NET Web API for the REST layer for ScrumTime 1.0.

My research on LoopBack indicates that it is very promising but the ScrumTime 0.9 Beta code base has a functioning business logic layer implemented in C#.  So, in the interest of time and simplicity of design, I am going to complete ScrumTime 1.0 with .NET Web API 6 and then pursue the use of LoopBack or a custom Javascript REST API in a new open source project, FeatureTrack, planned after ScrumTime 1.0 is complete.